IANTD Egypt shop

Here you will find the new range of IANTD Egypt merchandising materials. We have special prices for IANTD Egypt Members so order while stocks last!

IANTD Egypt Diving Mask Strap
IANTD Egypt Sports Sunglasses Retainers
IANTD Egypt Tshirt – Homo Profundus
Black or orange T-Shirt with White logo, with the image of diving evolution. Available in S-XX.
IANTD Egypt Diluent Decal
38 cm x 9 cm Black and White design with IANTD logo.
IANTD Egypt Tank Contents Marker
10 cm x 5 cm pre-cut strips to label tank contents with the Mixes listed at left. Remove prior to refilling tank. 70 pieces.
IANTD Egypt Enriched Air Nitrox Tank Wrap
Two 2.5 cm Yellow outer bands and 10 cm Green centre band with Yellow lettering/logo. Can be used on any colour tank to identify/designate EANx use.
IANTD Egypt Oxygen Decal
38 cm x 9 cm Oxygen Green and White design with IANTD logo. Includes wording “For decompression use only MOD 6 MSW”.
IANTD Egypt Sorb Divetime Decal
10 cm x 10 cm Yellow and Blue design with IANTD logo. Includes 5 dives with name, dates, divetime and Sofnolime replacement date.
IANTD Egypt Trimix Tank Specs Decal
Black and White design – it contains the IANTD logo and a warning that contains other mixes than air, and has a space for contents (green for Oxygen and Blue for Helium), date and name.