Facilities & instructors

Regardless of whether you are planning an open water course, advanced technical training or just diving in Egypt, you have the possibility to choose from the following IANTD instructors, instructor trainers and affiliated dive centers, where IANTD trained instructors will be able to help you.


Instructor trainers

Dear IANTD certified divers or soon to be …

These lists are regularly updated. In case you do not find your instructor listed here or for any other enquiry, please contact us.

Once you have obtained your certification in the warm and clear waters of Egypt, please remember it is recommended that: divers trained in a diving environment differing from where they may be diving or intending to dive complete an environmental checkout in the conditions where diving will take place. We therefore advise you to contact an IANTD instructor or the IANTD office of your home country to dive safely in your area.

Dear IANTD Instructors and Instructor Trainers

In order to provide you with all benefits and assistance and in order to quickly process the certifications of your students for courses completed in Egypt, we kindly remind you to contact us shortly before or immediately after your arrival in Egypt. If the period of your stay is for a maximum of 90 days, you keep your membership with your home country IANTD Office but certify through IANTD Egypt. If you intend to stay for a longer period, you are requested to transfer your membership to IANTD Egypt in order to keep your active teaching status with IANTD. You will then be automatically added to our online instructors list.

We require Instructors and Trainers teaching local residents a qualification course that travel to Egypt for part of the course to notify us that you will be doing training here.

If you are planning shore diving or a safari diving trip with your group, we will be pleased to help you in all logistical aspects of your trip to Egypt.

IANTD Egypt Diver Check

In order to provide a better service to all our customers, Diving Centres and Instructors may verify a diver’s certification and / or diver number in cases where the customer may have forgotten or lost their certification card, or to check the validity of an IANTD certification.

Please provide IANTD Egypt with the Diver’s First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Home Country in order the speed the process and send to the following email address: certs@iantd-egypt.com

IANTD Egypt Professional Member Check

In order to provide a better service to all our potential divers and customers, anyone can check on the professional status of an IANTD Egypt Facility and / or Instructor.

Please check above to find a list of current IANTD Egypt Instructors and Facilities. If you do not find your Instructor or Facility in these lists please provide IANTD Egypt with the Instructor and / or Facility Name, Instructor Number (if known), Your Name and Your Email in order that we may follow this up.

IANTD Egypt will make a check and respond to you as quickly as possible. Or alternatively you can check this page for a list of Instructors and Facilities not authorised to train in Egypt.